Delivering Business Value with Scrum

Duration:   2 Days



This course provides an introduction to Agile principles, and how Scrum implements those principles.  Participants receive an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Product Owner, and guidelines to help you become successful as a Product Owner.  Participants learn how to create and manage a product backlog, and how to plan projects using Product Roadmaps and Release Plans.  The course is approximately 50% lecture / discussion and 50% hands-on exercises.


Target Audience

This course is intended for those who want an in depth understanding of the Product Owner role and the responsibilities of a Product Owner.  It is recommended for Product Owners, Members of a Scrum Team, Resource Managers, Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers and Managers, Project Managers and Product Managers.


Pre-reqs:  None

Course Outline

  •  Introduction

  • Overview of Agile and Scrum

    When to use Scrum

    Agile Manifesto

    Agile principles

    Overview of Scrum

    Scrum Artifacts and Ceremonies

  • Scrum Roles and Responsibilities

    Product Owner

    Scrum Master

    Development Team

    Other roles (not defined by Scrum)

  • Requirements

    User Stories

    User Stories vs. Use Cases vs. Requirements Documents

    Quality Requirements:  INVEST

  • Product Backlog and Grooming

    Prioritizing the backlog


    The 3 C’s of backlog grooming

    Acceptance Criteria


  • Planning in Agile

    Types of Planning

    The Planning Onion

  • The Product Road Map and Release Planning

    Releasing by Feature Set

    Releasing by Calendar

  • Velocity, Estimation and Sprint Planning

    Story points

    Relative vs. absolute estimation


    Planning Poker

    Planning a sprint

  • Inspect and Adapt

    The product

    The process

    The daily work

  • Scaling Scrum

    Scrum of Scrums

    Scaling the Product Owner

    Scaling the Product Backlog

    Scaled Agile Framework

  • Putting it all together – the Agile Game