Private Certified Scrum Developer Classes


Congratulations!  You've begun your transition to Agile software development.  Your Scrum Masters and your Product Owners have been trained for their new roles.  But how about your Developers?  Are they using the Agile Engineering practices necessary to get the most benefits from Scrum?

Help your team achieve the full benefits of software development with Scrum by scheduling an on-site Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) or Advanced Certified Scrum Developer (A-CSD) class today.

Our private classes are offered either on-site or remotely.

To get a quote or to schedule a class for your organization, please contact Bill Fairfield at

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Certified Scrum Developer ®

Upcoming Public CSD Classes



In addition to training for our corporate and government clients, we also offer public classes.  The following CSD classes still have seats available:


Certified Scrum Developer Nov 11 - 12

Certified Scrum Developer Dec 16 - 17

Our Teaching Philosophy



I hear, I forget.

I see, I remember,

I do, I understand.


Confucius developed this approach to education thousands of year ago.  We find it still works today, so all of our courses are 50% hands-on exercises.