Scrum Essentials for Agile Practitioners

Duration:   2 Days



This course provides an introduction to Agile principles, and how Scrum implements those principles.  It describes and provides hands on experience with the responsibilities of the Scrum Master.  Participants learn about facilitating Scrum teams and how to coach an organization in its transition to Scrum.  Participants also gain hands on experience with tools for evaluating the progress of an organization’s transition to Scrum, as well as practice facilitating Scrum Retrospectives.


Target Audience:

This course is intended for those who want an introduction to Scrum and in depth understanding of the ScrumMaster role and its responsibilities.  It is recommended for aspiring Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Members of a Scrum Team, Resource Managers, Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers and Managers, Project Managers and Product Managers.


Pre-reqs:  None

Course Outline

  •  Introduction

  • Overview of Agile and Scrum

    When to use Scrum

    Agile Manifesto

    Agile principles

    Overview of Scrum

    Scrum Artifacts and Ceremonies

  • Scrum Roles and Responsibilities

    Product Owner

    Scrum Master

    Development Team

    Other roles (not defined by Scrum)

  • The Scrum Master role in depth

    Job Description

    Influence vs. control

  • Transitioning to Scrum

    Evaluating the progress of the transition

    Finding areas for improvement

    Coaching the organization

    Communities of Practice

  • Scaling Scrum

    Scrum of Scrums

    Scaling the Product Owner

    Scaling the Product Backlog

    Scaled Agile Framework

  • Facilitating a Retrospective

    Before the Retrospective

    Set the atmosphere / establish safety

    Gather data

    Generate insights

    Determine actions / create action plan

    Close the retrospective