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Bill Fairfield 

Bill's background is in object oriented development and software project management.  For the past 25 years, he has managed a training and coaching organization that specializes in helping organizations develop better software faster and cheaper. His specialties include helping clients transition to Agile and adopt the technical practices associated with Agile, such as  Acceptance Test Driven Development and Refactoring. 

In addition to working with corporate and government clients, Bill taught at the University of California at Santa Cruz - Extension for 15 years.


In his spare time, you will find him hiking with his two dogs, Zeus and Monster.

"Bill is a dynamic trainer/instructor and his team-building skills effectively engage the entire classroom. Bill is personable and entertaining as well as an expert in his field. I would be happy to work with Bill any time."                 

      --Sandy Jolley, SME/IT Project Manager​

"Bill Fairfield has been consistently rated as one of the top trainers in a market-leading onboarding program covering SDLC, Agile and business processes for a global financial services company. Bill consistently will go above and beyond the asked, looking for improvements in content, delivery and audience engagement. Year over year his students have been selected by technology leadership to present and potentially implement their solutions into production in their very first year at the company. Bill is easy to work with, positive, fun and professional. I would not hesitate to hire and work with Bill again."

    -- Erika Lancaster, PE&CE Manager at Accenture

"Bill Fairfield was also an amazing mentor, he is very knowledgeable ...."

                  --Haley A., Analyst

Bill's Certifications

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