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Writing User Stories 

This hands-on workshop teaches students how to create and manage User Stories.  Hands-on exercises are used throughout the course to reinforce the lecture material.
The course begins with a discussion on gathering User Stories.  Various approaches to determining the real requirements for an application are discussed.  The section also includes a discussion on techniques and criteria for evaluating User Stories. 
In Agile, a story must be small enough to be completed within a single sprint.  This frequently requires decomposing a feature or a story into smaller stories.  Techniques for doing this are discussed in the second part of the course.
The third part of the course discusses developing acceptance criteria and acceptance tests for each story.  This section concludes with a discussion on User Stories mapping.
The course concludes with a case study, in which students develop stories, decompose them into manageable sizes, and create acceptance criteria and tests for the stories.

2 Days

Intended Audience 
This course is intended for those who have a role in determining the requirements for an application, including  Business Analysts, Product Owners, Product Managers, Project Managers and other project stakeholders, 

The course will meet the needs of Product Owners, Business Analysts, testers, developers, quality engineers and managers who want a practical course in writing and working with User Stories.   




Part 1:  Gathering and Evaluating Stories


Introduction and Overview

Guidelines for writing good Stories


  • Role Modeling



    Other techniques

    Class Exercise

  • Gathering Stories





    Class Exercise

  • User Proxies

Part 2:  Decomposing Stories

  •  Rock Breaking – Decomposing Stories

    Size always matters

    Stories are like rocks

    Epics are big rocks


    Evaluating each piece

  • Rock Breakers

    Valuable – Usable – Feasible

    Product Owner as Producer

Part 3:   Mapping and Testing Stories

  • Acceptance Testing User Stories

    Writing Acceptance Tests for Stories

    Class Exercise

  • Guidelines for Good Stories

  • Story Mapping

    Understanding Story Mapping

    Class Exercise

    User Stories in Depth

    Building Better Backlogs


Part 4:  Case Study

  • Case Study

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